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Dear animal lover, the name “LOVE THEM ALL” describes it all. Each and every yorkie lives in my house as part of our loving family. People always ask how is it possible that our yorkies are so well adjusted and obedient?

My answer to that – They need lots and lots of love and attention.


Ruth Carter-Bourbon said “We are born to love”

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Joining a new family is a big change for a little puppy.
Make sure the puppy has a cozy place where he will feel safe while adapting.

Yorkies are very clever, curious and active and likes to inspect everything. They do not like to be alone and need people and other pet friends around them.

Choosing the perfect puppy

Always buy from a reputable breeder, never ever from a puppy mill. Ask to see the registration papers. Even if you do not want to breed, you have to buy a healthy puppy.

Questions to ask the breeder

  • Is the puppy pure bred and registrated with KUSA?
  • Was the puppy examined by a vet and which vaccinations have been done?
  • What kind of food does the puppy eat?
  • When can we take the puppy home?

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